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JAANEMAN (2012) - bengali - paiyaa

JAANEMAN (2012) - bengali - paiyaa


Bengali Actress Koel Mullick & Tollywood Hero Soham in Jaaneman (2012) Bangla Movie Poster
Kolkata, May 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) With Jaanemon (Bengali, 2012), director Raja Chanda (interview) takes up the challenge of handling the intricacies of making a crafty road flick, a genre that is tricky for even Bollywood film-makers. The movie also features actress Koyel Mullick and Soham together for only the 2nd time after Tarun Majumdar's Chander Bari (2007).
In Janeman, we meet Deba (Soham) - a young man who is on the run, having scorned the evil underworld lynchpin Sridhar. During the course of his journey, Deba comes across the beautiful Ria (Koel Mullick) at a bus terminal.

Trailer: Jaaneman (Bengali, 2012)
Ria has secrets of her own – she is fleeing from her home in order to avoid being married off against her will by her domineering father to the brother of his mistress. Along with her sidekick, Ria takes a hike with Deba, and the two decide to go to Cooch Behar. Deba, however, has no inkling of Ria's problems yet and remains smitten by the latter's beauty.
On the way, Deba and Ria stop at a gas station where they divulge their respective predicaments. Learning about Ria's need to get away from goons hired by her father, Deba decides to take her to Kolkata, where she would find some respite. Sridhar's men, who had been chasing Deba for so long, also need to be shaken off.
However, the duo gets a far-from-warm welcome at the residence of a relative of Ria in Kolkata. Will Deba and Ria be able to survive the threats that their respective pursuers pose? Can the love that has blossomed between the two on the course of the journey reach its desirable conclusion? Catch Janemon at the theaters and get all the answers!
Director Raja Chanda deserves praise for having the fortitude and gumption of trying to create the appropriate atmosphere for a road movie in Jaaneman. The action sequences in Jaaneman are at par with the best in the industry. However, he tends to play it safe as far as the incidents in the movie are concerned. The surpriseelement is weak, and the climax, while stylishly shot, does not defy predictability. 
Performance-wise, Koel Mullick as Ria is easily the standout performer in the movie. The actress, who was last seen in the lukewarm 100% Love, does manage to rise above the script. There is a certain spontaneity and zeal about Koel's performance that comes across quite beautifully in the movie. Given her potential, Koel should definitely be more selective in choosing her roles.
Soham and Koyel Mullick in JANEMAN (2012) Indian Bangla MovieSoham is clearly more at ease while essaying characters with romantic or comic flair, and while he did do a stellar job in theintense Amanush, Soham looks a bit outside his elements in an out-and-out actioner like Jaaneman. While it is, of course, not imperative for every leading man of Tollywood to have a Jeet-esque chiseled body, Soham surprises by sporadicallycoming up rather short as far as his expressions in the movie are concerned. The actor also needs to lose some of his baby fat.
Jeet Ganguli's title track is hummable, while the other tracks are acceptable without being exceptional (with Disco Nachaibogenerating polarized reactions). The background score is not that bad, either. Camerawork, by Shailesh Avasthi, is efficient. Dialogs, penned by N. K. Salil, are as trite as possible.
Jaaneman is a fair attempt by Soham to break away from his chocolate-boy image and make his mark in an action road flick. Raja Chanda also makes a conscious effort to make something different. Jaaneman does not completely challenge Koel Mullick's acting prowess. We hope that the script of the upcoming Hemlock Society will take Koel near her limits.

Paiyaa _ Bengali Jaaneman Movie song

Promo / Trailer :

Title Song : Janeman
Singers : Jeet Ganguly  and Shilpa Rao

Song : Disco Nachaibo

Song : I am in Love

Song : Tomar Amar Prem
Singer : Zubin Garg


Paiyaa - UK Box Office - report & boxofficemojo
TWLWMovieStudioWeekend GrossChangeScreensChange / Avg.Gross-to-DateWeek
11Clash of the Titans (2010)WB$841,562-45.2%125-$6,732$2,860,7962
22How to Train Your DragonUIP$166,846-48.7%67-3$2,490$1,422,5373
3NDate NightFox$163,007-35-$4,657$163,0071
4-Evolusi: KL Drift 2n/a$126,541-65-$1,947$1,644,0813
5-Mei loi ging chaat (Future X-Cops)n/a$94,465-55-$1,718$235,1052
6-Mei lai muk ling (Beauty on Duty)Golden Sceen$86,379-32-$2,699$270,1122




83Alice in Wonderland (2010)Disney$37,377-64.5%26-41$1,438$3,547,0746
910Kaiji: Jinsei gyakuten gêmuUIP$35,091+379.9%20-$1,755$42,4031
105It's ComplicatedUIP$30,941-40.7%20-$1,547$115,3612
114Yuet gwong bo hupGolden Sceen$4,705-91.9%7-29$672$910,0004
138Green ZoneUIP$2,002-78.7%6-9$334$425,3825
1616Angadi TheruFiveStar$1,610+43.0%4-3$403$14,6793
177The Lovely BonesUIP$1,206-88.9%2-13$603$118,9424
1821Up in the AirUIP$1,066+1,565.6%2+1$533$135,9796
1917Atithi Tum Kab Jaogen/a$895+2.9%1-$895$15,0936
2015The Haunting in Connecticutn/a$649-64.1%1-5$649$41,0634

UK Box Office: 2 - 4 April 2010

Weekend 2 April - 4 April 2010 UK box office
RankTitleCountry of OriginWeekend GrossDistributor% change on last weekWeeks on releaseNumber of cinemasSite averageTotal Gross to date
1Clash of the TitansUSA£5,682,875Warner Bros01446£12,742£5,682,875
2How to Train your DragonUSA£4,846,532Paramount01471£10,290£4,846,532
4Nanny McPhee & the Big BangUK/USA£2,600,678Universal12521£4,992£7,151,968
5Alice in WonderlandUSA£1,285,889Disney-485438£2,936£37,940,131
6The Blind SideUSA£1,003,855Warner Bros-242368£2,728£3,403,289
7Remember MeUSA£987,310E1 Films01354£2,789£987,310
8Shutter IslandUSA£705,499Paramount-384307£2,298£9,160,010
9Bounty HunterUSA£510,237Sony Pictures-493317£1,610£5,144,207
10The Spy Next DoorUSA£256,892Paramount-353305£842£1,775,684
11Green ZoneFra/USA/Spa/UK£170,503Universal-634134£1,272£5,429,903
12The Girl with the Dragon TattooSwe/Den/Ger£117,726Momentum-28473£1,613£1,540,009
13I Love You Phillip MorrisFra/USA£112,738E1 Films-693131£861£2,298,494
14AvatarUSA£107,62920th Century Fox-521648£2,242£91,354,118
Other UK films
17Perrier's BountyIre/UK£44,122Optimum-59259£748£230,351
28Planet 51UK/Spa/USA£11,429Entertainment431875£152£5,004,352
29Exit Through the Gift ShopUSA/UK£9,821Revolver-1957£1,403£281,677
33An EducationUK£5,861E1 Films162311£533£2,484,440
53The Railway ChildrenUK£1,470Optimum019£163£1,470
54The WolfmanUK/USA£1,403Entertainment-5084£351£5,005,409
57The Scouting Book for BoysUK£940Warner Bros-7133£313£27,404
62Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollUK£653Entertainment17131£653£876,959
69Sons of CubaUK£223Sons of Cuba Ltd-7231£223£4,080
7144 Inch ChestUK£20Momentum-84121£20£403,543
71Mugabe And The White AfricanUK£20Dogwoof-95131£20£76,265
71She, A ChineseUK/Fra/Ger£20Optimum-6461£20£11,248
Other openers
20Samson & DelilahAus£30,170Trinity0121£1,437£30,170











44Double TakeBel/Ger/Neth£3,515Soda018£439£3,515
70City of WarGer/Fra/China£145Metrodome011£145£145
Comments on this week's top 15 results
Against last weekend: +109%
Against last year: +112%
Rolling 52 week ranking: 2nd
UK* films in top 15: 4
UK* share of top 15 gross: 30%
* Includes domestic productions and co-productions
The Weekend Gross for How to Train your Dragonincludes £2,121,321 from 457 previews; the Weekend Gross for Kick-Ass includes £2,051,132 from 383 previews
Excluding previews, the takings for Shank have decreased by 73%
Openers next week - 9 April 2010
Whip ItUSALions Gate
I am LoveItaMetrodome
Erasing DavidUKPichouse
I Know You KnowUKNetwork Releases
The InfidelUSARevolver
No Greater LoveUKSoda
Prince: It's Show TimeIndB4U
Director Lingusamy has stuck to the genre that he has chosen for most part. He has recorded romance in a beautiful manner especially when Karthi communicates his feelings to his friends seeking advice and his dignified attitude towards Tamannah. The car chasing sequence in the open field is absolutely brilliant and so is Karthi going reverse in the opposite direction. Cinematographer Madhie needs plaudits here. Crisp editing by Anthony especially in the action sequences is a major plus point of Paiyaa and deserves a special mention.