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TIMES OF INDIA _ paiyaa in Bengali Jaaneman Movie Review

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Cast: Soham, Koyel, Asish Vidyarthi Language: Bengali 58888 code: jaa Madhusree Ghosh
Direction: Raja Chanda
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
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Story: The film is a story of Deba ( Soham) and Riya (Koyel)'s journey of love 

Movie Review: Commercial Bengali movie is coming to a phase where their efforts of providing the common people with thoroughly enjoyable movies are taking a positive shape. " Jaaneman" is one of the results of these endeavors - smart, slick and entertaining. It's a simple love story of Deba (Soham) falling head-over-heels for an unknown face. With the intervention of fate and subsequent events, Deba gets to save his dream girl Riya (Koyel) from the clutches of her unwanted hubby-to-be. While they are fleeing to take refuge in a big city, Soham's past also catches up with him and their lives take a topsy-turvy ride.

The story is mainly told in the form of the couple's journey towards safety. Obviously love blossoms as they move from one highway to another fooling the goons who follow them relentlessly. But, it wouldn't have been possible without Soham's Deba. His effortless charm and oh-so-hot presence can save this movie from being another run-of-the-mill romance. He possesses the ability to transform himself from a chocolate boy to an angry young man in a blink of an eye, which will surely help him in the long run. N K Salil's script has also helped him doing Deba perfectly. But he has to remember that, when a hero cries on screen, he has to keep in mind that thousands of fans are scrutinizing his every move. So, their giggles during an extremely emotional scene don't sound good. Koyel has given her 100 per cent. She looks good, wears trendy clothes, but her babe-out-of-woods persona clashes with her accented Bengali. She can also work on her expressions a bit more. As for the others, Asish Vidyarthi's villainous act is convincing but Soham's friends look very amateurish on screen. Editing is smart and the director has spent a lot of time building the action sequences. They are well-shot but sometimes ruin the romantic feel of the movie, which is way more enjoyable.

One thing that has made the movie seem incomplete is the fact that there's a sense of growing tension throughout the second half. But when the movie reaches it's climax, the tension gets diluted. Incorporating a bit more drama in the climax scene would have been a perfect ending for this film.

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